Maximizing Your Personal Injury Recovery: Dealing with Liens and Reimbursement Claims

Many personal injury claimants settle their claims without considering the possibility that health insurers, hospitals, and other care providers involved in the treatment of their personal injuries has a right of reimbursement or, in some cases, a lien against the recovery. Hospital lien claims arise if you do not have insurance (public or private) for care received as a result of the injury causing event. Most private health insurance contracts contain rights of reimbursement that entitle the insurer to recover amounts it paid for your treatment. Medicare and Medicaid have statutory rights of reimbursement that must be dealt with. This is a complex, technical, and evolving area of the law that many tort victims know nothing about. It is essential that tort victims contact an experienced attorney who will identify and resolve these lien and reimbursement claims before the case is settled. Otherwise, you very well could end up having to pay a third party a large part (if not all) of your settlement.

Instead of handling a claim on your own, contact an experienced attorney at Skorina Law Group, P.C. We provide a free consultation during which we will evaluate your personal injury claim and assess the potential for health care liens and reimbursement claims at the initial stages of the case. Call us today at (949) 582-1544 to maximize your recovery and avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of your case. We have been serving Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles for more than 20 years.