An "At Will" Employment Relationship Does Not Mean Former Employees Do Not Have Rights.

It is widely known that California is “at will” state. This means an employer (or an employee) in California may end the employment relationship at any time for any reason or for no reason. Termination may be with or without notice and th… Read More
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Getting Compensation for Work Related Injuries

Work related injuries can be especially devastating because they may prevent a person from working and making a living. To help pay bills while they are recovering from their injuries, many work injury victims choose to file workers compensation clai… Read More
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What Does a Labor Attorney Do?

Most lawyers have an area of legal practice that they specialize in. This specialization is necessary because the legal concerns of clients can be so diverse. An expert level of knowledge is often required to meet client needs. A labor attorney deals… Read More
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Labor Disputes In The US

Conflict in the workplace, and labor disputes in the US workplace specifically, seem to be on the rise in recent years. Keeping any work environment free of hostility and contention can be taxing on the management staff when there are multiple voices… Read More
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Managing Conflict In The Workplace

In every work environment, small or large, there is a need to set proper conflict management resolution protocols. When conflicts arise, there should be a specific plan in place as to how it will be resolved, as well as what will happen once a resolu… Read More
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Employee-Employer Disputes Should Be Handled With Care

Minor employee employer disputes may seem like an inevitable part of any job. However, when these disputes become serious, they can be disruptive and costly to everyone involved. Many employees and employers may find themselves in drawn-out fights th… Read More
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Reporting Workers Compensation Claims

If you are ever hurt on the job through circumstances beyond your control, workers compensation is an essential resource. Many employees, however, have no idea how to go about reporting workers compensation claims and ensuring that they receive the c… Read More
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Workers' Compensation Claims Process Explained

If you are injured while working, it is important to know your rights. You may be entitled to both wage replacement and medical benefits. However, when accepting those benefits, you will also be waiving your right to sue your employer. Navigating wor… Read More
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Benefits Of Consulting An Orange County Labor Employment Attorney

The resolution of labor-related disputes often comes down to how effective the communication is between a labor attorney and the employer at the center of the dispute. When employee-employer relations break down, a labor employment attorney in Orange… Read More
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