An "At Will" Employment Relationship Does Not Mean Former Employees Do Not Have Rights.

It is widely known that California is “at will” state. This means an employer (or an employee) in California may end the employment relationship at any time for any reason or for no reason. Termination may be with or without notice and th… Read More
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Maximizing Your Personal Injury Recovery: Dealing with Liens and Reimbursement Claims

Many personal injury claimants settle their claims without considering the possibility that health insurers, hospitals, and other care providers involved in the treatment of their personal injuries has a right of reimbursement or, in some cases, a li… Read More
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Getting Compensation for Work Related Injuries

Work related injuries can be especially devastating because they may prevent a person from working and making a living. To help pay bills while they are recovering from their injuries, many work injury victims choose to file workers compensation clai… Read More
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What Is Dispute Resolution?

Conflict is an inherent aspect of modern living. In many cases, conflict can generate new ways of thinking, lead to compromises, and open up new lines of communication, but only if parties to the dispute are willing to talk. There is a an entire area… Read More
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Why You Should Hire an Orange County Accident Attorney

Thinking clearly after being involved in an auto accident can be harder than you realize. You have to make a lot of important decisions in a very brief space of time, all while juggling calls to the insurance company, pursuing necessary medical treat… Read More
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Resolving Construction Disputes

Disputes can arise in any industry, despite all parties taking measure to prevent them. In the construction industry, disputes often arise as a result of imprecise contractual language, technical miscommunications, and other detail-oriented concerns.… Read More
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What Does a Labor Attorney Do?

Most lawyers have an area of legal practice that they specialize in. This specialization is necessary because the legal concerns of clients can be so diverse. An expert level of knowledge is often required to meet client needs. A labor attorney deals… Read More
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Small Business Litigation

One thing small businesses and large businesses have in common is liability. Even before a business owner hires employees, he or she can be vulnerable to contract disputes, product liability lawsuits, and creditor liens. Once an owner hires an employ… Read More
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What Is Business Law?

Anyone who owns a company should be able to answer the question, “What is business law?” This is particularly true for someone who is starting a new business. This type of law covers all aspects of the business life cycle, from creation to operat… Read More
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What Is Business Litigation?

In order to control legal liability, all business owners need to have a firm understanding of the answers to the question, “What is business litigation?” Litigation is the claim of damages brought by an accuser, known as the complainant, against… Read More
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