Truck Crashes Into Huntington Beach Church | Orange County Accident Attorney

iStock_000000823959Small-300x199A pickup truck ran head first into the Warner Avenue Baptist Church in the 7300 block on Warner Avenue. Authorities responded to the accident on Tuesday at 10:30 in the morning where the driver had been trapped inside the vehicle. The fire department’s Urban Search and Rescue crews were able to extricate him and rush him to a local hospital with significant injuries. No one else was in the truck at the time of the accident. The church, 106-years old, is the oldest in Orange County and this is the third time the structure has been damaged in the past 25 years by car crashes, most likely because it is so close to the curb.

Car accidents can be life-changing even when only one car is involved. Serious injuries and trauma are usually caused when a moving vehicle impacts a standing structural building. Not to mention, bills to pay, endless paperwork, and lengthy conversations with insurance adjusters. We are always on your side at Mosher & Skorina and here to help you with all your responsibilities.

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