Fraudulent Workers Compensation Insurance Certificates Exposed

Working with one of our business clients, we exposed a fraudulent insurance scam. A rogue insurance agent was accepting premiums for insurance policies but he never forwarded the premiums to the insurance company. As a consequence, no policies were issued. To cover his tracks, the agent generated phony certificates of insurance. In essence, he was betting that no claims would arise, there would be no need for insurance, and he could simply pocket the premiums. Our client discovered to her dismay she did not have coverage when she called to report a claim. We filed suit and recovered complete indemnity for our client and also recovered all of her fees and costs.

Practice Areas

Over 25 years of experience helping injured victims against insurance companies.

Full compensation if you or a family member was hurt in an auto accident.

Legal action against drunk drivers — and bars that serve clearly intoxicated patrons.

Aggressive help when injuries are caused by semis and negligent trucking companies.

Representation for injured motorcycle riders and their families.

Help for victims of slips and falls caused by negligent building or land owners.

Lawsuits when injury is caused by defective or inadequately labelled products.

General counsel services and legal representation for California businesses.

A full range of legal services in real estate and construction law.

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