Nursing Home Chain Settles with State over Poor Patient Care

Doctor15-300x200An Orange County injury lawyer recently settled a case with the state of California over poor patient care in nursing homes. The company at fault owns and operates over 20 homes in the Los Angeles area. The chain of nursing homes has received multiple citations for failure to uphold a proper standard of care, and are now facing the consequences.

Results of the Settlement

The injury attorney in Orange Country who settled this case hopes that the results will greatly improve the care provided to the elderly in these nursing homes. In particular, the nursing homes were ordered to increase their staffing levels. An independent monitor from the sate of California will work to ensure that this company is compliant with the state staffing laws. Also, surprise inspections will occur from time to time to ensure that the nursing homes are operating efficiently. Furthermore, the company at-fault is required to pay $350,000 yearly for the costs resulting from these ongoing inspections.

End the Suffering of the Elderly

Hopefully, the results of this settlement will work to end the suffering of the elderly in these nursing homes. The at-fault company operates in a majority of areas throughout the state of California, including the counties of Fresno, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Orange. They have 2,360 beds that need to be attended to regularly. The victims involved in this case suffered from unfortunate conditions including dehydration, bedsores, malnutrition, and over-medication. The main reason for this abuse and neglect was inadequate staffing. Hopefully, with proper staffing, the residents of these homes will receive the proper care and attention they deserve.

Help for All Victims

The elderly involved in this case are not the only nursing home residents who suffer from abuse, neglect and improper care. In fact, an Orange County personal injury attorney deals with cases like these frequently. Too often, victims are afraid to pursue legal action. They worry about retaliation from the administrators and staff. Fortunately, an Orange County injury lawyer can prevent this from occurring and resolve the situation for the better.

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