What to Do in Case of a Dog Bite | Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog2-300x199Nobody expects to be bitten by a dog, which is why it is important to know what to do beforehand so you are prepared in the event of an attack. Being prepared is the best tool you have on your side in any situation, including a dog attack. Before you end up in such a situation, know the contact information for a good Orange County dog bite lawyer. You can get online or ask around to find the best dog bite attorney in the area. After you have the contact information for a good lawyer, keep in mind that you should do the following if you are ever bitten by a dog:

  • Write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the attack, including the owner of the dog or the person who was in charge of the dog when the bite occurred and any bystanders who saw what happened.
  • Take pictures of the wounds that you received. If you can do it immediately using a phone camera or a camera that you might have on hand, that would be best. If you are unable to get pictures that very moment, make sure to get them as soon as you have access to a camera.
  • Seek out a doctor and obtain medical care. Whether your bite is serious or minor, be sure that you see a doctor so that he or she can document the incident and write up a report to be used in court. Dog bite lawyers in Orange County will probably ask you for this information.
  • Contact animal control and the police for the city the attack was in and make a report.
  • Contact your Orange County dog bite lawyer and give them all the details. They will let you know what to do next.

By knowing what to do, you will remember to obtain all the information that you need in order to document the incident and build your case.

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