An "At Will" Employment Relationship Does Not Mean Former Employees Do Not Have Rights.

It is widely known that California is "at will" state. This means an employer (or an employee) in California may end the employment relationship at any time for any reason or for no reason. Termination may be with or without notice and there is no obligation to provide severance compensation over and above what the employee already has earned (e.g. accrued vacation time).

Care should be taken, however, before concluding that the employee does not have a valid employment law claim. Myriad laws protect employees from unlawful discrimination, illegal retaliation, or actions contrary to public policy. The Labor Code sets forth rights to overtime, meal and rest periods, and prescribes certain terms and conditions of employment. Recent class action cases indicate employers sometimes violate employment laws victimizing multiple employees at a time. These claims should be thoroughly investigated to ensure all rights are protected.

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