What Does a Labor Attorney Do?

lawyer-4-300x199Most lawyers have an area of legal practice that they specialize in. This specialization is necessary because the legal concerns of clients can be so diverse. An expert level of knowledge is often required to meet client needs. A labor attorney deals with cases that involve disputes between employers and employees. Though a labor lawyer might handle all kinds of labor-related cases, they are perhaps best known for handling employment disputes involving the terms of employment and the payment of wages.

Resolving Labor-Related Disputes With the Help of an Attorney

There are several wage-related concerns that a client might speak with a labor attorney about. If you have concerns about any of the following topics then a lawyer may be able to help you out:

  • Misclassification – All employees are given a classification by their employer. This designation is used to assign regular pay rates and overtime pay rates. Employers who misclassify their employees cheat their workers out of overtime pay that the employees are entitled to.
  • Workplace safety – Employers are required by law to provide their employees with a workplace that meets a standardized level of safety. It is the responsibility of the employer to make the changes required to maintain a safe workplace. Neglecting to do so may mean that the employer is in violation of the law.
  • Employment discrimination – Employees have the right to a fair and equitable workplace. Employers are not allowed to discriminate on basis of race, sex, and other protected qualities. Unfortunately, discrimination on these counts does occur sometimes, and with the help of labor attorneys, employees can take necessary action.

Protecting Your Rights as an Employee

Employees have a number of rights that have to be respected by the people they work for. Additionally, employers have the responsibility to create a workplace that is safe and free from harassment and discrimination. Disputes over the employer-employee relationship can be very complicated and often leave people feeling vulnerable. An attorney will aggressively advocate for your rights as a worker. Call (949) 582-1544 now to speak with a labor attorney from Skorina Law Group about your potential case.