Managing Conflict In The Workplace

conflict-300x200In every work environment, small or large, there is a need to set proper conflict management resolution protocols. When conflicts arise, there should be a specific plan in place as to how it will be resolved, as well as what will happen once a resolution is reached. By setting clear ground rules, never ignoring any instance of conflict, carefully documenting each issue, and always following proper procedure managing conflict in the workplace will be easier on everybody involved. The following three suggestions can help you manage workplace conflicts more effectively.

Set Clear Ground Rules

One of the first and easiest ways to manage workplace conflict is to establish a set of clear and precise rules, as well as clearly defined consequences or correctional action that will follow any breaking of those rules. When your employees, management team, and other staff know what is expected of them, they will be more likely to avoid the types of behavior that may cause problems in the first place. When conflicts do arise, your established ground rules will give you clear guidance as to what correctional action should take place.

Address All Cases Of Conflict; Even Small Ones

Whether someone mentions a case of co-worker conflict in passing, or makes a big scene out of the ordeal, it is important to address all occurrences of workplace contention and employee disgruntlement. By setting a pattern of addressing all workplace issues, you will show your employees that there is no favoritism, and can avoid further conflict.

Careful Documentation

Finally, some of the worst cases of conflict in the workplace are those that go undocumented early on, and then turn into a bigger issue down the road. By dealing with workplace conflicts in their early stages, and keeping a clear record of each involved person’s point-of-view, you can protect yourself and your employees from finger pointing and continually changing stories. Overall, managing conflict in the workplace comes down to following a clear set of procedures and sticking to them. If you experiencing difficulty resolving a conflict on your own, call (949) 582-1544 today for a FREE consultationwith an experienced labor dispute attorney at Skorina Law Group.

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