Employee-Employer Disputes Should Be Handled With Care

People3-300x198Minor employee employer disputes may seem like an inevitable part of any job. However, when these disputes become serious, they can be disruptive and costly to everyone involved. Many employees and employers may find themselves in drawn-out fights that are emotionally and financially draining. This is why employer employee disputes always need to be handled with tact and caution.

Common Disputes

Workplace disputes can arise for a number of reasons. Employees may contend that they were harassed, discriminated against, wrongfully terminated, or denied a promotion for reasons that were not legitimate. Many of these issues can be emotionally charged. Still, it is important for both employers and employees to act professionally and reasonably when dealing with them.

Consequences Of Ignoring The Dispute

Allowing a dispute into a real conflict has negative effects for employees and employers alike. For employers, the potential for bad publicity and drops in workplace morale are undesirable. Employees who handle the situation poorly may earn a bad reputation and give potential employers cause for passing them up in the future. Of course, this isn't to say that employees should not speak up — but it is important to do so respectfully, through appropriate channels, while following protocol and documenting the process.

Means Of Dispute Resolution

Often, employer employee dispute resolutions require outside help. Mediation is an increasingly common approach; some companies even have in-house mediators. During mediation, the employee and employer discuss the issue with a third person who can help them find a fair solution. A lawyer can also handle the mediation. This helps both parties ensure that their rights are protected throughout the process. If one party feels that the other is not taking the issue seriously or making a real effort, involving an attorney can encourage better progress.

Ultimately, employee employer disputes should be approached with care. Although it can feel tempting to make threats or take drastic action, it is better to approach the issue like a professional. This improves the likelihood of both parties being able to find an agreeable solution without damaging their reputations or turning the dispute into a lengthy legal battle. If you are embroiled in an employee employer dispute, call (949) 582-1544 today to receive a FREE consultation with an experienced attorney at Skorina Law Group.

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