Workers' Compensation Claims Process Explained

Workers-Comp-8-200x300If you are injured while working, it is important to know your rights. You may be entitled to both wage replacement and medical benefits. However, when accepting those benefits, you will also be waiving your right to sue your employer. Navigating workers' compensation claims can be difficult if you are focused on recovering from your injuries. Work with a workers' compensation attorney who can easily explain the process and help you get what you need.

When to File a Claim

As soon as possible after your injury, find a qualified law firm with a solid background in these types of claims. It is possible your claim can be denied if you delay filing. A workers' compensation insurance company may red flag a claim that has a significant amount of time between injury and when the claim is filed. There are more complex cases, for example, if you have an illness or an injury that developed over time. Typically, the clock starts ticking on these cases when:

  • You took time off work to see a doctor regarding your injury or illness
  • You knew – or should have known – your condition was a result of work

An experienced attorney will be well-versed in workers comp claims. If you plan on filing for compensation, you should seek a lawyer who can advise you on the process.

How to File a Claim

Immediately after your injury or illness, notify your employer of your situation. Be sure to give your employer information like the date, time and place of the injury as well as details surrounding how the injury happened. If there were witnesses to the incident, you may consider giving your employer a list of those names.

You should also give all this information to an attorney who can help you with your workers' compensation claims. They will need all pertinent data so they can work to get you the compensation you deserve. By reaching out to a lawyer, you are enabling someone qualified to handle the legalities of your claim so you can focus on recovering from your injury or illness. Prospective clients with questions about workers' compensation claims are encouraged to call (949) 582-1544 today for a FREE consultation.