Resolving Construction Disputes

Injury3-300x199Disputes can arise in any industry, despite all parties taking measure to prevent them. In the construction industry, disputes often arise as a result of imprecise contractual language, technical miscommunications, and other detail-oriented concerns. Construction dispute lawyers understand that details matter within the construction industry and so will work with their clients to reach an amicable and favorable outcome.

Resolving the Disputes That Halt Productivity

No one has time for construction disputes. This is the first reason why it is such a good idea to work with a lawyer experienced in commercial dispute resolution. Disputes are an enemy to productivity and have to be resolved quickly. Your lawyer can present you with options that will get your project moving forward again. Arbitration and mediation are two such options.

  • Arbitration – This is a formal method of conflict resolution that, upon completion, renders a judgment that can be enforced immediately. Arbitration is typically a step that is taken after other forms of conflict resolution have failed to address the dispute. Though the definite nature of the settlement rendered by the arbitrator makes this form of resolution very attractive, not all disputes have to be taken to this level.
  • Mediation – This is a formal, though less absolute, form of conflict resolution. A session of mediation is usually facilitated by a trained mediator. This person is able to listen to both sides in an unbiased manner and will help everyone concerned reach a resolution that all can agree on. Many attorneys have experience in mediation and can bring an authoritative legal presence to a session of mediation.

Is Court Always the Right Answer?

Though all lawyers are qualified to represent their clients in court, it is not always necessary to take your construction disputes in front of a judge. A court case is typically the last option when no other form of resolution is able to bring the dispute to a close. Clients should understand that lower forms of resolution can be just as favorable, or even more favorable to them than a court case. Call (949) 582-1544 today to schedule a FREE no-obligation consultation with a construction dispute attorney from Skorina Law Group.